Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Tough Get Tougher, The Weakened Get Weaker

According to TSN, always first to break trades, the Flyers have made Jim Vandermeer's stay in Philadelphia a short one today as they traded him to the Calgary Flames for a 3rd round pick in 2009. Vandermeer, a young and tough defenseman with 7 1penalty minutes in 54 games this season, only spent roughly 2 months with the Flyers who acquired him in December from the Blackhawks in exchange for Ben Eager.

Yesterday the Flyers, mired in a seven-game skid at the worst possible time, also traded for veteran defenseman, and consistent journeyman, Jaroslav Modry sending a 3rd round pick to the Kings in exchange. I think I'd rather have Vandermeer for the playoffs, but it appears that the Flyers may be up to something as they've struggled mightily over the last few weeks and have subsequently tumbled from first in their division and second in the East to fourth in their division and the eight and final spot in the conference. Now that the Forsberg sweeps appears to have been put to rest, though reports are saying there is still a slim chance of a return regardless of what was announced earlier this week, the Flyers may have placed their sights on a new target.

It seems the Flyers can't catch a break as Simon Gagne will miss the rest of the season after suffering his third concussion of the year. This frees up some salary for the Flyers who will most certainly be looking to add some scoring at the deadline. Of course, they'll have to stand in line with every other playoff-bound team.

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