Thursday, February 14, 2008

Injuries And Underdogs

I think we are beginning to see the unofficial start of Playoff Hockey folks! Some teams are kicking into their power push early this year ... with playoff slots within so many teams reach, it is going to be a free for all out on the ice ... every game! Nashville, Chicago, Washington, Florida ... all looking very sharp.

10 points separate 6th spot from 14th spot in both East and West Conference - with 20+ games left to play anyone can theoretically make it to the Post Season. Of course teams like LA, Tampa, Toronto will have to believe in miracles (thanks Al Michaels) ... however it is not out of the question. These will be the teams to watch as the trade deadline approaches. There is some strong talent on the NHL trade roster, I am excited to see who goes where.

My pics for the night before I head out to celebrate Valentine's Day with my wife ...

Sharks -
Result: Lost to the Oilers! Not to often are you handed 10 power plays, gift wrapped and tied with a bow. I am going to give this game to Garon, he was on fire! Sharks head out on a nice road trip - maybe they just need to get out of the bay area for a bit. Good Luck Sharks!

Wild -
Result: It took a shoot out ... but a win is a win! With as many lead changes in this game ... it could have been anyones. Vancouver played hard, but the Wild took what they needed. Minn sits now at 24-0-1 for the season (and 50-1-1 over the past 2 seasons) for winning when leading after 2. Impressive ... to say the least.

Stars -
Result: Phoenix had one thing on their mind ... dont let Dallas win - and they made their wish come true. If you have Vrbata on your Fantasy Team (like I do), PLAY HIM!!! If Phoenix is going to make a playoff run this year it will be because of this Winger.

Penguins -
Result: Carolina has been showing some grit as of late - with the loss of their leading scorer to a torn ligament, it will be even harder for them. But with Whitney getting a goal and 2 assists ... along with Cole and Staal snaping their pointless streak the Canes might just have what it takes.

Islanders -
Result: Here was an underdog that was going up against a deflated Toronto team. NYI was sitting on a 7 game losing streak and Toronto bringing up the rear of the Eastern Conference was relying on a hope and prayer last night. NYI snapped that losing streak and are now 4 points out of 8th place in the Conference.

Lets see how I do ... I have taken a short break from my picks just because, well I suck! ha ha

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

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