Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Finnish Flash

Teemu has returned to the Ducks and according to TSN, he may return to the lineup tonight against the Islanders after announcing himself ready for the game. "You've got to ask the coach," Selanne said. "I'm ready to go. It's totally in his court...I'm excited. Very excited." - LA Times

Recently Burke, Anaheim's GM, had said that it was up to Teemu when he would return to the lineup so it appears that 37 year old future hall of famer will officially make his comeback tonight in New York. If you were fortunate enough to pick him up in fantasy leagues, you might consider activating him though I've chosen to hold off and see which line he ends up on and how many minutes he plays in his first week of actual competition. He can practice all he wants, but until he competes in an actual game we won't know what he's got. However, my guess would be that he's still got plenty especially if he ends up with Getzlaf.

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