Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Come On Ride This Train

So - back to reality! Just spent a well deserved 3 days in Southern California enjoying the freezing weather and the Superbowl. Funny thing - I hit 11 out of 13 wagers ... it was, as Clint says, "REDICULOUS!" - and I would whole heartedly agree!!! Of course I chose the Giants with the generous 11 1/2 points that came with them ... along with the coin toss, who won the coin toss, who made the first penalty, if the first score would be a TD or a field goal ... silly prop bets like that ... and I hit 11 out of 13!!! AMAZING ... or Rediculous ... You be the judge!

So - plenty of choices on tap for tonight. I have 4 teams I am focused on ...

I am going out on an underdog limb tonight with the exception of Philly @ -130 ... Philly is 11-0-1 since December 2003 when playing the Thrashers. They are putting Antero Nittymaki in the net tonight to A. Give Biron a rest and B. To see if he can improve his 7-0-0 record against Atlanta (and thats at a 1.58 GAA)

Philly -130 Result: WIN ... very nice!

Heading North to Vancouver I am going to take Florida @ +125 ... Florida is looking for their 3rd in a row and get this ... they are 4th in the Southeast ... but 3 points away from 1st in the division and 3rd in the CONFERENCE!!! Florida's coach knows this and knows to get a berth in the playoffs ... they gotta win games. Vokun has shown some of his worth lately also ... should be interesting to see what Vancouver brings tonight (seeing how I have Luongo on my Fantasy Hockey team)!

Florida +125 Result: To call this a win is an understatement ... good job Florida!

The call of the week will be the Wild @ +120 ... its not a large underdog ... and with the way the Wild are playing and tonight they host Detroit. At a +120 its a pretty good risk ... even if I lose, I am positive this will be a powerful and physical game.

Wild +120 Result: This was painful to watch ... so close ... 1:45 left in the game ... wrister from the right and an overtime loss. The Wild gave them a good run!

To finish up my 4 some I am looking toward Ottawa @ +110 ... 1st place against 2nd place, 4 point swing in the balance. It will take a calm and cool Senator team to win this. Montreal is the top team in power plays, I think it will come down to Ottawa not taking penalties.

Ottawa +110 Result: Loss ... giving up 6 penalties allowed Motreal to convert 3 goals! Thats what did it.

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