Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Sliding In Sideways

Just made it home from an all day - no laptop meeting! Whew ... just in time to lay it down!

Washington, Edmonton and San Jose!

Result: Win, Win, Loss -
Washington from worst to first! Congrats AO on your league leading 46th goal! Just makes you wonder where the Caps would be if Bruce Boudreau started the season as the coach. They are becoming a fun team to watch again.

Edmonton - Chicago is now on a 5 game slide and Edmonton has found some passion. Looks like they have found the right mix to make a run at a playoff spot!

San Jose - Colorado was technical and came out of that battle unscathed! The Sharks tried everything they had and Theodore just would not budge ... he looked pretty shart coming off of his injury and the Sharks tested his skills time and time again - sometimes, your gonna lose!

Looks like I did pretty well the other night ... 2 for 2! I called it with Ottawa though ... when your playing the #1 in the league on the power play ... you dont visit the penalty box! Lets see what tonight brings.

My brain hurts ... have been thinking to much today!

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