Thursday, February 21, 2008

Colin Cambell...Tonight's Your Night

When Chris Simon, a 6'4 235 lb repeat offender, stomped on Jarko Ruutu's leg earlier in the season many were calling for his outright banishment from the league. Video:

Many see playing hockey as a privilege and believe that those who endanger the careers' of others, over and over again no less, shouldn't be allowed to play especially when the league is trying to establish some mainstream appeal. I whole heartedly agree with them and Colin Campbell had an opportunity to make a bold and public statement. The opportunity seemed quite easy considering Simon was 36 years old and at the end of his hardly noteworthy career anyways. Campbell, instead, continued his career of inconsistent suspensions and poor management by levying a somewhat hefty 30 game suspension on the troubled forward.

After the event,Simon, along with the Islanders staff, "decided" it would be best for him "to take some time away from the team" and seek off-ice counseling. It was the eight suspension of Simon's career and set a new personal record for him, replacing his previous 25 game suspension which he received for swinging his stick like a baseball bat at Ryan Hollweg's face last season. Video:

The suspension was only 10 games more than he handed out to Steve Downie when Downie threw a monster check on an unsuspecting McAmmond in the preseason. Video:

The hit was only "dirty" since Downie left his feet. Had he not left his feet, I don't see how he could have been suspended at all. The real kicker was that McAmmond suffered a concussion and Campbell clearly punished the result and not the act. If McAmmond doesn't get hurt on that play, Downie gets no punishment whatsoever. But apparently, according to Campbell, Simon only deserved 10 games more for stomping on a downed player's leg and only 5 games more for attacking someone in the face with a stick Marty McSorley style. Colin Campbell should be president.

Well, the suspension has come to an end and Simon is ready to return as he will be in the Islanders' lineup tonight. Frankly, the NHL should be embarrassed. I wonder how long it'll take for him to do something stupid and get himself suspended yet again? Maybe this time he can paralyze someone or gouge someone's eyes out or take off his skate on the bench and cut a skaterby. If he does, Colin Campbell should absolutely be fired and banned himself since he's damaged the perception of the sport with his inconsistency and weakness.

By the way, a classic comic regarding Chris Simon by Ken Henderson.

His site,, is definitely worth checking out as there are some great NHL comics.

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