Thursday, February 7, 2008

One Thing I Am Not Giving Up For Lent

What do we have on tap for tonight … there are some evenly matched line ups. Seems like the Ducks/Ranger game does not have a favored team so I am going to stay away from that one (however, I will be secretly hoping the Rangers take the W away from Anaheim – probably wont happen … but a boy needs dreams right?) OK … so tonight I am going big – picking a bunch to try to catch up with Clint for the time being. I am sure he will have his massive list up here soon.

Tonight does have a couple games that stand out we’ll start with Detroit and Los Angeles … Here is the best team in the NHL playing the worst, the only way to get your money’s worth (and entertainment value) is to take Detroit and the over (5 1/2) … yes, I know I said I never take the over/under, however, Detroit at -320 is ridiculous and IF they play the way they have been playing ALL YEAR it will be a high scoring game. Now, I will go on the record to say that since I have said it here, LA will hold Detroit to ONE goal!!! We shall see.

Result: Babcock said it the best after this game "Every once in a while you need to be reminded" - Goliath just got his ass kicked by David last night in Detroit!!! I got the over right ... just wrong team. 4 goals in the 4th for LA ... congrats.

Stars / Wild … Both teams are on an upswing and the odds are in the Wilds camp for 2 reasons. 1. Home Ice and 2. Turco sitting this game out. Gaborik was pointless Tuesday night so he may be looking to prove something, especially after scoring 3 goals in 2 games previously. I am going to go with Dallas as the underdog, lets see what they can dish out.

Result: Mike Smith has something to be proud of today - he and the Stars shut out the Wild. It was an underdog night last night and the Stars came out to shine! (wow - was that cheesy?)

Calgary is playing Chicago and Columbus is in Phoenix … down and dirty … Flames and Coyotes!!!

Result: NO and NO ... huh ... both wrong? Did anyone tell Columbus and Phoenix that they were the favored teams??? Thank god I have a day job!

Tampa in Nashville … Nashville is hot, Tampa is pulling it together. This game is going to come down to puck control. I am taking Nashville only because they are on fire at home right now.

Result: I guess home ice doesnt mean much these days - Tampa was able to hold off the Predators and keep them tied going into OT. Prospal scored 58 seconds later to help the NHL's worst road team look like the best!

Florida in Ottawa – now here is a team on the way up playing a team on the way down. Ottawa is struggling and has given up a lot of ground lately losing 8 of 11 games. Florida is on an upswing and has 4 points to go if they want a spot in the playoffs. They know it, Ottawa knows it and well, now you know it! Ha – this will be a fun game to watch … Going with Florida!

Result: They fought the good fight - Florida is looking better and better ... having Heatly back was Ottawa's saving grace. Looks like I get to notch another in the L column!

Pittsburgh / Islanders – Penguins without Crosby, NYI trying not to lose the 6th straight. With Pittsburgh giving up and allowing New Jersey to walk away with a win, I think Mr Therrien has taken them to task by letting them know “It’s unacceptable to lose a hockey game like this.” We’ll see what the Penguins bring to the ice tonight. I am going with Pittsburgh.

Result: NY's coach summed it up the best - "It was a game of mistakes and we made one to many" ... on the other bench, Mike Therrien, who 3 days ago blamed the Pens loss on Ryan Whitney's weak showing on the ice, said that Ryan upgraded his game not only offensively, but defensively he was sharp. Its always good to hear your coach saying those things when your playing well. Good job Pittsburgh!

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