Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Let the Sweepstakes Begin

According to TSN, Forsberg has narrowed down the number of teams for which he'll consider playing to what is sounding like a pretty small number. Nashville, Dallas, Detroit and Calgary have all let it be known that Forsberg turned them down which essentially leaves Vancouver, Ottawa, Anaheim, Philadelphia, New York and maybe one or two others. My guess is he'll be a Flyer in the next week which boosts an already hot team. I'm not certain it's the best fit since they already have so many talented centers, but if Forsberg is healthy and effective he'll be a good addition. Apparently his lack of interest in cup-favorite Detroit stems from the classic battles that raged between the Avalanche and the Red Wings pre-lockout. You have to love a player that remembers those games and still refuses to play for the rival even if that rival is easily the best team in hockey.

TSN link:

UPDATE: Apparently Pittsburgh and San Jose have also been informed that they will not be considered.

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