Wednesday, January 30, 2008

NHL Considering Adding 2 Games

Here is a juicy one that has been talked about for a while, and hopefully, will be seriously considered, if not for next season - then 2010! Just read this on Yahoo Rumors:

One of the topics of conversation at the NHL board of governors meeting last weekend was stretching the regular season to 84 games, allowing each team to have a home and road game against every other league opponent. Under the current 82-game matrix, the Boston Bruins do not play a single match this season against the teams from the Northwest Division the Boston Globe reported. NHL Players Association executive director Paul Kelly has said the players would consider adding two games to the regular season, but also said the preseason should be trimmed at the same time. Boston goalie Tim Thomas said he understands the idea behind the 84-game schedule, noting that every fan in North America wants the opportunity to see Pittsburgh's Sidney Crosby. But Thomas wasn't sure about the logistics of whacking preseason games to make room.

Another consideration I would like to throw into the mix would be a discussion on changing Overtime from a 4 on 4 format to a 3 on 3. I think that would open up a ton of ice for fast passing hockey along with killer break aways. Don't make it a sudden death match - but at the end of 5 minutes if it is still tied go into a shoot out.

Just my 2 cents ... I would love to see the Sharks play Tampa Bay and Florida and Atlanta every year.

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