Thursday, January 31, 2008

Gluttony and Greed

Lets see if I can turn around my luck tonight - this is an interesting line up seeing how the games tonight appear to be evenly matched.

Canucks / Lightning - Canucks -110 ... Luongo returns tonight after a week off, spending time with his pregnant wife. Who wouldn't cheer for him - oh yea, and he is my #1 goalie on my fantasy team

Result: I was wrong ... right ... so, when Tampa Bay can pull it together they pull it together. Not saying that Vancouver gave them the win ... but when Brad Richards is on, he is unstoppable. Vancouver tried to come in last night and dictate how the game was to be played and Tampa Bay answered back - resulting in 8 fighting majors! God I love hockey!!!

Canes / Leafs - Canes -155 ... Carolina winning 3 of its last 4 while Cam Ward has averaged 2 goals or less helps, what seals it is Toronto's 2 straight losses and winning only 1 of the last 4 games. Not have center Alex Steen isnt helping either.

Result: Thank You Rod Brind'Amore - a win is a win ... and a win in OT is still 2 points. Put me down for ONE in the "W" column!

Yes - I am well aware that these are both favorites! Let me at least get some notches in my win column and I'll start gettin risky again.

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