Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Eenie, Meenie, Miney

I think its pretty funny how the lines are drawn for the NHL. I agree with Clint that the bookies and sports pages don't really know much about hockey and all the variables that come with it. I, along with Clint, love the fact that they will always give home ice advantage. Here is my guess as to how tonight's match up will pan out.

Ducks, Penguins, Sharks ... as you will quickly find out, I will never play the over / under in hockey. I think it will bite you in the ass every time you try. It looks like Clint and I are pretty close in this match up today.

Ducks / Wild … Ducks +120 … With the Ducks on a 3 game slide before the All Star break, and Teemu’s return breathing new life into the Ducks organization I don’t even think the Wild can stop this team. Even though Teemu wont play with them … they know he is back and will probably play with a new found urgency.

Penguins / Thrashers … PENS +125 … With Conklin building his own brick wall in front of the net and with the opportunity to take over the top slot in the Atlantic Division, I don’t think Atlanta has the drive to stop this team … especially after losing the last 5 games. Even without Crosby – Pittsburgh is 2-1-1 showing that they are all fighters and will rally to continue their climb up the league ladder.

Sabers / Panthers … Not worth it … I think I’ll leave this one alone, to close to call. Both teams are struggling, this is any teams game. Like John Madden would say “You know, at the end of this game we will have a winner and a loser and one will have won, and that’s what that’s all about!”

Coyotes / Red Wings … Not worth it … with the Wings favored at -310, you might as well just keep your money and put it on the Ducks or Sharks. However, I don’t think this is going to be a cake walk for the Red Wings … with Doan and Vrbata firing on all cylinders, and Phoenix sitting at 10-3-1 in the last 14 … this is going to be a very good match.

Blackhawks / Avalanche … Not worth it … Chicago being the worst (well, not counting LA … who does?) in the conference and Colorado and Phoenix fighting over that #8 spot for the playoffs this game is going to be interesting … why? Well with Colorado’s 17-8-1 home record (one of the best in the West) they have a strong foundation to play on … what worries me is having Sakic, Smyth and Stastny out … how will that affect their drive? If I were to choose it would be Colorado, but I would pass on this one since the money won is not proportionate to the risk.

Sharks / Flames … Sharks +115 … Well, cause I love the Sharks (no secret) … Nabby looking like he is unstoppable right now, and being tied for first with Dallas should give the Sharks a boost. This is going to be Nabby’s game to lose … he is 10-7-1 against the Flames with 2 shutouts … The Sharks being on a 3 game win streak helps too.

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