Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hey Wahhappened?

Well – you win some and lose some. Looks like I need to focus on the “win” column, since I pretty much have the “lose” column dialed in. WOW … all I can say is WOW. Last night was a very interesting hockey night. Giggy getting pulled … AGAIN for the second straight game, and to make matters worse both times were before the mid-point of the game. Did you catch that amazing pass to Owen Nolan, you know, the one Nabby walked out of the crease to give him? Had the Sharks played the whole game like the played the last 5 minutes I think they would have bested the Flames, but I am sure Ron Wilson had said that last night in Calgary. Poor showing … that’s all I can say! The Wild just embarrassed the Ducks also … not sure if the Wild were having a great night, or if the Ducks were sucking? Time will tell … this game was the launching pad for the longest road trip in team history. Not a good way to start the tour off … we’ll see what, if any, affect it has on their game.

Now – I could try to take credit for calling the Avalanche game. But since I passed on it, it’s a moot point. However, a big blow to Colorado’s already injured line-up is the addition of Jose Theodore to that list. He sat out the 3rd period due to back spasms, Jose was really showing his worth in the crease and I hope he is back in front of the net soon.

Phoenix gave the Red Wings a great game for 2 periods … they were in control. Until the 3rd when the Wings, as always, found their legs and knocked 2 down to win. This was Detroit’s first game back since the All Star break so they needed those first 2 periods to warm up the engines. Once again, Detroit has the Hockey formula and Mike Babcok knows it with this statement after the game … "If you're them, you probably think you should have had a better fate.”

I’ll put up my guesses later … back to work.

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