Monday, January 28, 2008

Beware the Duck

The most poorly kept secret, and unshocking of shockers, was finally revealed today as Teemu Selanne has announced that he will return to the Ducks immediately and join them on their road trip starting Tuesday. Teemu had been involved in a skating program for about a month and was, if you believed the interviews, trying to determine whether or not he wanted to return. He rejoins one of the hottest teams in the league, and the most likely to win the cup in my opinion, and will most likely line up next to Getzlaf and Perry on the top line. If so, both Getzlaf and Perry stand to have huge second halfs now that they have the Finnish Flash to finish the play. A second line of the suddenly revived Bertuzzi, Weight and Kunitz isn't too shabby either and that's not even mentioning possibly the best defensive core assembled in a decade. As long as Giggy stays healthy and continues to play well, the Ducks and Redwings are poised for a re-match in the Western conference finals.

Oh, and Forsberg will be back too no doubt, bionic foot and all. If he re-signs with the Flyers, rumored to be in the running for his services, that means that their third line center will be Forsberg or Briere. Now that's depth.

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