Monday, January 28, 2008

All Stars and Entertainment

I watched the All Star weekend from the comfort of my own couch this past weekend and there were some moments that were impressive. Mostly, I feel that the All Star game is like watching a hockey clinic. Its the best of the game doing what they do best - Automatic Hockey. I am not watching the games to see the flying hits, the hip checks and the rivalries ... what I like the most is the respect these great players give each other. Any other time during the year you will see these same players going after each other like arch enemies (AO's hit on Malkin for example) ... but during the All Star weekend - it is great hockey players playing great technical hockey.

I was happy to see Staal get MVP, even though it was Kovalchuk's to lose - Stall stepped up and took it! Nabby to get a perfect period 8 for 8 ... last time an All Star goalie got a perfect period was 2002 (Khabibulin). Rick Nash joined a few elite lists this year also - scoring once in each period and also setting the fastest opening goal - 12 seconds into the game beating out a record that has been held since 1950!

Now - for the skills competition ... for me, this is what the All Star games are about. The puck handling, the slap shots and the target practice. To watch these amazing hockey players do what they do best and show us how they have helped perfect the game is inspiring to say the least. Chara's 103 MPH slap shot, Kaberle with his 4 for 4 target shots and then taking it in a shootout - one shot / one plate!!! And how about AO's creative puck flip, spin around, Barry Bonds swing for the net ... I thought that was pretty creative and fun ... next year all he has to do is connect.

Lastly - I really enjoyed the 3 on 3 young star game. It was cool having Manny Leagce mic'd (SP? - you know what I mean, having a microphone so the announcers could talk to them) up during the games ... and to hear his thoughts before, during and after a break away shot that he kicked off to the corner. Having players mic'd gave me a different look into how they relate to each other, how they admire and respect each other ... and also, how they are enjoying the game too. To most of these players ... its not a sport ... its not a job ... its their life and its their passion!

Great All Star weekend - back to the Fantasy roster ... I have some trades to make and some ground to cover!

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