Monday, July 2, 2007

Wheel Of Fortune - NHL Style!

Drury and Gomez head to New York, Smyth is joining the mile high club, Kariya is singing the blues, Brian Rafalski is now a Red Wing while Mathieu Schneider packs up in Detroit and heads west to the O.C. – all this, and to top it off, Philly hooks into a keeper by using the 8 year lure with a “no movement” clause … Daniel Briere! Daniel is joined by Edmonton’s Jason Smith and Joffrey Lupul on Philly’s roster, which now makes the Flyers one of the “Teams to watch.” Philly has been busy in the back rooms putting together proposals that win – is this a sign of what is to come once Philly takes the ice when the season starts? Daniel, Jason and Joffrey join the recently acquired Kimmo Timonen and Scott Harnell who both made the move from Nashville to The City of Brotherly Love!!! We’ll see how much love is shown when the Flyers are unleashed on the rest of the NHL.

My take – I think it is a gamble when you absorb so many new players into an organization and expect them to hit the ice as a cohesive team running with all cylinders firing. This will be no doubt an interesting team to watch.

I am happy to read that Joe Thornton took the 3 year extension keeping him in San Jose for a little while longer. I would not be surprised to see Joe wearing the “C” on his jersey next year. At the same time I hold back a tear for Scott Hannan who is heading to Colorado! Good Luck Scott … we’ll see you soon enough. Scott is a rock solid defenseman who, when turned loose on an opponent, is deadly! He will certainly be missed. I hope the new D’s on the roster can quickly fill his shoes.

I think there were definite winners and losers yesterday during the opening of free agency. The GM’s licking their wounds today know that the job ahead of them is rough and steep – but this is the NHL, anything can happen, anything is possible. As John Tortorella use to say “Safe is Death!” On the other hand, the GM’s who inked some impressive and amazing deals have their own drama to deal with. Attitudes, Personalities, Teamwork – the usual stuff!

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