Thursday, July 12, 2007

New Sharks Logo.....Maybe

Here is a leaked image of the new Sharks logo, I will let Bill comment on its quality.

Bill here - with my quick opinion.

Here is the New Logo!

Here is the Old Logo!

Now - it seems to me like San Jose has not really changed their logo much, they have gone and adjusted its orientation, added some details and deepend the Black and Teal colors. The new logo does nothing for me ... what I want to talk about is the "new look" of the Sharks territory happening in 11 days (according to their website).

Speaking of - The San Jose Sharks have the WORST website on the Internet. It loads sooooo slow and I am on DSL (even my direct connection at work crawls on the Sharks website) I think that if there is going to be ONE NHL team in the league that would have a handle on this whole "Internet" thing goin on ... it would be the team that is based in Silicon Valley - not sure if anyone told them ... there are some tallented people around that area that know a little about websites and how to make them fancy and fast.

I am crossing my fingers and hoping that in 12 days I will log onto and have the page fully loaded within 10 seconds. I dont think that is to much to ask. Just for fun I did a quick test of a few NHL team sites and how long it took them to load.

Colorado Avalanche - 5 seconds
Anaheim Ducks - 5 seconds
Detroit Red Wings - 6 seconds
San Jose Sharks - 19 seconds (and once it loaded it froze my window for over a minute and still will not close)

So - 19 seconds ... I think is far to long! Well, after you wait the eternity for the page to load - it is so full of "functionality" that it is not even navigable.

In closing - ha ha - I think the "new" logo looks cool, I like the colors and I hope they darken the Teal on their home sweaters next season too. However, I think that if they are doing a re-vamp ... my prayers are for a website that is at least enjoyable to look at.

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Dawn Brister said...

Clint, allow me to be the first to say -- you were right! New Logo unveiled today.