Sunday, July 1, 2007

Here's Your Sign!

Looks like Kansas City is doubling down on their hand ... news reports are saying that just east of KC in Independence, MO the city council is looking at plans to build a $50 Million hockey arena for a team to play in the CHL. Story Here -

With play beginning in 2009 the new minor league team would be a well thought out addition to the NHL team that MIGHT be relocated to Kansas City. Seems that the main issue right now is the Pred's lease through 2028. Del Biaggio seems to have the midas touch and has kept the attention of Nashvilles owner Leipold long enough, I have not heard much regarding Balsille's courtship.

Having the Pred's move to Kansas City would be a strong move for the NHL - there is a market ripe for the pickings. My fear is that, like some other sports franchises, they would quietly sneak into KC under the cover of darkness and start practicing, play some games, and then wonder where all the fans are. If they were to ask me, I would say that before the ink dries on the contract Del Biaggio should be collecting commercial air time slots in KC faster than a sailor collects phone numbers during fleet week.

I think a change is good, especially in a league that has so much more potential than it is currently showing. Personally I think the NHL should have a larger following than the NBA, MLB and NFL put together - but thats just me in my pollyanna world. However, when the WNBA shows a larger following and more network broadcast time I hang my head in shame and curse the NHL for allowing OLN, Versus and the like to talk them out of the spotlight. When ESPN could have lit them up brighter than South Beach Miami on a Friday night. *These analogies are getting fun*

Well it is 10am on Sunday, 2 hours before the feeding frenzy begins. I can only imagine what it is like around the league, in owners offices, with the General Managers and Coaches crunching numbers and pulling their hair out by the roots to get that ONE player that will help them get to the Cup!

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