Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Drew Remenda may return to the Sharks!

This is GREAT news. Drew use to be an analyst for the Sharks on TV and Radio back when I worked for the team. In 2005/06 he left the Sharks for the Canadian Network TV ... the rumor of Drew coming back to the Sharks is GREAT news to me. I enjoyed his wit, his sarcasm and his "on air" personality (along with his off air personality also) - He is just an all around good guy.

If this rumor is true ... Shark Fans will be very happy to hear the familiar voice again analyzing plays, teams, coaches and the like.

I'll throw my 2 cents worth of opinion into the Bertuzzi move ... Todd Bertuzzi's actions have ended an NHL players career. Some people think he did it with malice, others think that it was an unfortunate turn of events. If you don't know what Bertuzzi did - in March of 2004 Todd Bertuzzi played for the Canucks and they were playing the Colorado Avalanche in Denver. Steve Moore's back was to Todd because Todd was trying to instigate Steve into fighting with him (retaliation to a hit Steve Moore gave Naslund a month earlier) ... Steve would not even acknowledge Todd's attempt to fight with him (since Colorado was KILLING Vancouver 9 - 2) so Todd took a cheap shot, it happens, cheap shots are thrown just about EVERY game. Todd Bertuzzi took a very cheap shot from behind and hit Steve Moore in the temple which resulted in Steve Moore collapsing onto the ice with Bertuzzi on top of him. Bertuzzi fell onto Moore (who's head hit the ice) and gave him "concussion like" symptoms. Steve Moore has not played a game since, his career was ended because of the injuries he sustained from that incident.

Now - I will go back to what Clint said. Intent has to be considered when punishing players. There is NO excuse for a player to take a swing at another player with his stick - the intent of that action is to harm or injure the player. The hits and checks and fist fights are all part of hockey ... its a physical sport and when these men take the ice, its not about friendships, or who likes who ... its about their team winning! When someone gets called for boarding, cross checking, hooking, fighting, tripping, or any other penalty in hockey ... most of the time they are not victims. They are doing what they have to do to get the upper hand. With the new rules and changes coming to the NHL - we'll see how the form and shape the sport in the future.

Bertuzzi as a Duck will be interesting to watch. Especially since Anaheim and San Jose have such a rivalry ... I hope Todd is able to keep his retaliations fair.

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