Saturday, July 7, 2007

Post-Vanek Fallout

In what can only be described as a quick, defensive reaction to the massive offer sheet Edmonton gave Thomas Vanek yesterday, the New York Rangers have decided to take their number one goaltender, Henrik Lundqvist, to arbitration. This was done because once a player is signed up for arbitration, either by their own doing or that of their team, no other team can make them an offer. This was a way for the Rangers to protect themselves as they continue to negotiate a long-term deal with their netminder.

This also means that the Oilers cannot pursue Lee Stempniak in St. Louis or Cammalleri in Los Angeles, both of whom have already filed for arbitration. Of course, if either of those teams didn't want to pay the salary awarded to them by the arbitrator then they become free game. Kevin Lowe and the Oilers can, however, go after the Devil's Zach Parise who has not filed for arbitration. To make matters worse, the Devils are rumoured to be pursuing Sheldon Souray as well. Souray is looking for a monster contract and if they were to sign Souray to such a deal it would put them in serious danger of losing their future NHL star. The Oilers are simply waiting for them to make that mistake.

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