Saturday, August 4, 2007

Working Overtime At The Rumor Mill

Accroding to Eklund @ Hockey Buzz

1. Oilers are NOT being sold - as said from one of the Oilers owners "It is just too much fun to own this team. The Cup run was worth every penny."
2. Patrice Brisebois went from Colorado to Montreal - according to the Mill in Montreal the player who is in the line of fire for the Habs is Patrick Marleau from San Jose! *I'll get back to this later*
3. The Caps will be the surprise team in the East this season ... there are some behind the scene's talk going on regarding Ovechkin. I'll keep my ear on this line of interest! I am excited to watch the Caps play the Bolts (Tampa Bay Lightning) here this coming season. Ovechkin is a solid player who last year was the ONLY Cap to appear in all 81 games. Third in the league in goals (46) and 12th in points (92), tied for eighth in power-play goals (16), tied for seventh in game-winning goals (8) and first in shots (384). He is only the second Cap to post back-to-back 90-point seasons (Dennis Maruk in '80-81 and '81-82) He had a point in the first 13 games of 2007, his career-best point streak, all that added up to him ticking the points column in 57 of 81 games, including 27 multiple-point games. AO leads the team with 179 hits. He was voted in as a starter in the 2007 NHL All-Star Game in Dallas, which makes him the first Cap in the starting lineup since Rod Langway in 1986. There are a few teams that I am excited about seeing this season in Tampa (I dont really have MUCH to choose from, but I am sure Clint and I will catch one or two of the GOOD ones!)
4. Keep an eye on the Penguins ... watch for Jovo or Morris to come into view. Either one will make the team that much stronger!

Now - regarding Marleau ... It appears that San Jose might (remember, these are just rumors) lose their captain. I think Patrick is an amazing player and a solid leader for the team. If he leaves, there will be good and bad in it, however - there is a pool full of leaders on the Sharks team, leaders who need the opportunity to step up and show their worth. The young players will still have the solid veterans to lead them out onto the ice with the orders to wreak havoc on whoever is standing across the blue line from them (hopefully this will happen often)! With this said - I feel that it is time for Patrick to move on. His calm demeanor and his maturity has reinforced the foundation of the Sharks organization and his legacy will not leave if he is to go to another team. Along with Montreal, Boston also has an interest in Patrick ... if I were the one making the decision, watching Boston last year I would say they need him more than Montreal! *My 2 cents!*

So if you like the Hockey rumors I suggest to check out Ecklund's site. He is very close to the NHL knowledge base and he has connections EVERYWHERE! His rumors are pretty much spot on when he says they are ... his latest juicy one ... Neidermayer is indeed retiring! We will see how that plays out ... looks like the MIGHTY Ducks are going to need a little Pixie Dust to help them this season, however, with Bertuzzi skating for them - they just might fight their way to the playoffs!

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