Monday, August 20, 2007

Buffalo And Ticket Prices

According to Phil Mushnick @ the NY Post - his article yesterday says it all.

"The Buffalo Sabres this season will switch to variable ticket pricing based on the date and opponent, similar to what the Mets do with their gold, silver and bronze designations.

Thus, the same cheapest Sabres seat that costs $20 for some games will cost $68 for others; the better seats that cost $90 for certain games will cost $203 for others. Because it's impossible to predetermine the value of games, the plan is a cosmetically beautified exercise in price gouging.

Whatever became of the NHL's on-ice "Thank You, Fans" campaign? Must've melted away."

Relly nothing more to say to that ... I am not going to cast stones quite yet seeing how the season has not started quite yet, but seriously, Buffalo ... Now that you have gone and canibalized your roster, dont get all greedy with ticket pricing!

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