Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Follow Up - Retiring By Text Message!

Jeremy Roenick sent a text message to a reporter earlier this off season announcing his retirement. I am now wondering if he either A. Lost a bet or B. Had a little to much to drink ... seeing how he is now returning from his retirement (all 2 months of it) and is shopping around. According to Eklund today -

"JR is looking likely to return to a team...As many as three teams, Toronto,
Calgary, and Columbus and Boston have some interest. And don't count out the
Islanders as well. JR will come in and play for the league min with
I am sure Clint will have 2 cents worth of comments to make regarding Mr Roenick. I just find it amusing when mediocre (at best) players make so much noise making bad decisions, and then wonder why they are so criticized.

Back to you Clint ...

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