Thursday, May 29, 2008

Onward And Upward - Ice Junkies Merges With The Daily Deke

Ice Junkies are packin up the van and heading over to

Over the past couple months I have been engaged in a weekly podcast with Grant Beery, Alan Sheilds and Chris Roberts. We started this podcast through Twitter when Grant sent out a message about starting an NHL focused podcast that would air once a week. I Tweeted (or something like that) back to him that I would be interested and the rest is history.

The podcast started out painful and clumsy, lots of dead air, rambling thoughts and horrible microphones (on my part - seriously, I sounded horrible)! Now, 8 shows later we are starting to sound like an actual Hockey show (I still don't like the way my mic makes me sound, but I am working on that) ... anyway, so last week, Grant and I were talking about how to make what we are doing even better. One suggestion was to focus on the blog ... but which blog. Ice Junkies was going pretty well and our content was updating once in a while. Grant was falling back on his content since he started the podcast, so we decided to blend our 2 blogs together.

Starting soon (not quite sure of the date yet) I will be taking over the Daily Deke blog and Grant will be focusing on the podcast. We will be migrating Ice Junkies content over to the Daily Deke and I'll post up one last farewell with a couple links to get you where we're going!

For all of you who read ... Thank You for checking us out. We are moving up to better places and we hope to see you over at our new home!

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