Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ovechkin Cam

In tonight's tilt between the Calgary Flames and the Washington Capitals there will be a camera that is focused on Ovechkin at all times, dubbed OvechKam. It is available in the NHL Center Ice Online package and I'm sure it's available at home as well. I'll write more later about my opinions of it, but so far I like it.


So after watching most of the game via Center Ice Online in a two window split with the regular view on one quadrant and the OvechKam/smaller regular view on the other, I must admit that it worked okay. The only thing I'd like to see if a more dynamic camera focused on Ovechkin. I understand that they wanted to give a close up view of him, something they accomplished, but it was so close at all times that it made it difficult to see what he was reacting to and get a bigger picture of how he moves and positions himself. I would have rather them zoom in and out with the flow of the game. I know that this is somewhat accomplished with the normal game view, but not entirely. There are times where he was off-screen and I wanted to see him, but with a slightly better view of the ice surrounding him. I think it's a formula that has the potential to be successful, but needs some slight tweaking. I'm also not sure if we need to star at him when he's on the bench. I think I might go to a full-screen view of the regular game during the times where he is on the bench. I am, however, absolutely stoked that he was able to score two goals on his big night. Congrats to Alex and I truly hope he reaches 60 goals.

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