Thursday, June 28, 2007

Kariya going into free agency

With Nashville sinking it seems as if the players are scurrying around like rats trying to find the life boats. Who knows what will happen, however, with Vokoun, Timonen and Hartnell already gone ... Kariya is about to get snatched up quicker than a signed pardon in a maximum security prison.

It will be interesting to see who courts him starting on July 1st. Which teams out there have room for a player like Paul. San Jose just finished pruning and they have a HUGE pile of available cash ready for negotiating. Will it be Paul or Chris for the Sharks? Will it be both? I think either player would be a HUGE asset for the Sharks organization - however, with the new kids they picked up at the draft, I think that the Sharks will want to add to the maturity level in the locker room. Joe, Jonathan, Patrick are all great leaders (however, I dont see Patrick lasting much longer) - I believe that if push comes to shove and Doug Wilson has to choose between one or the other ...

Chris Drury will be wearing Teal next season!

Good Luck Paul ... maybe Anaheim will want to bring Teemu and Paul back together.

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